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Why The Walled Gardens is a serene haven for your golden years

Breathtaking coastal views and famous golf courses are just a couple of the reasons why St Andrews a highly desirable place to live.

The plethora of amenities right on the doorstep and the tranquil atmosphere of the town attracts a great number of people who want to spend their golden years of retirement by the seaside.

We spoke to Audrey Black, Sales Negotiator at local estate agency Thorntons, to learn all about what makes St Andrews so attractive to prospective buyers, as well as the benefits of moving into retirement apartments like The Walled Gardens.

So, Audrey - what makes St Andrews the perfect place for retirement?

“St Andrews is not too big or too busy - but there’s always something going on. There’s the Byre Theatre which is very popular with the locals, the NPH cinema, famous landmarks such as St Andrews Cathedral and Castle, and, of course, its stunning sandy beaches. The restaurants and coffee shops here really are exceptional and many of them make the most of the town’s great fresh produce from local suppliers.

“There is definitely a lovely sense of community in St Andrews and because it’s a town that’s well-known internationally, especially when it comes to its world-renowned golf courses. I think it’s for that reason that St Andrews has a great energy - you can meet lots of interesting people who visit from all over the world.

“The town is also very well-connected in terms of its transport links, with a bus station and a nearby train station in Leuchars. It’s so easy to travel to neighbouring cities, such as Edinburgh and Dundee, and experience all they have to offer, too.”

Where do potential buyers in St Andrews come from?

“Most people who decide to settle down in St Andrews have previously visited the town – they may have children at the university or have come here to play golf. Wherever they’re from and whatever their reason was for visiting in the first place, St Andrews has left a lasting impression on so many people, and many come back and look to buy a property here.  

“There is no peak time in St Andrews when it comes to property buying. The interest never dies down and it’s busy all year round. It’s almost as if people who do settle down in St Andrews gain “bragging rights”, as the location is highly rated across the world.”

What do you think are the main benefits of purchasing a property at The Walled Gardens?

“The apartments at The Walled Gardens are premium quality and yet certainly more affordable than many other one and two bedroom properties in St Andrews, so they have a real USP in that sense. They are purchased on a 75% shared ownership scheme which is an increasingly appealing feature for people who may wish to release additional equity for their retirement. It also means that buyers have some extra money after their purchase, which gives them greater freedom with their spare time.

“Perhaps the best feature of the apartments at The Walled Gardens, however, is their quality. Each home is of an excellent standard and the development was designed to make day-today living safe and comfortable while also helping the owners enjoy a varied and fun lifestyle with all of St Andrews’ best amenities within walking distance.

“With elevators and wide corridors, the building is adapted to people’s changing needs and there is the added benefit of safety with a video security system in place that means no one can enter unless they’re buzzed in. This puts people who live alone at ease.

“On top of that, there is, of course, the community aspect. The strict buying criteria means that people who live at The Walled Gardens are guaranteed a peaceful atmosphere and can make friends with others at the development who chose to retire in St Andrews. “

What are the benefits of using a local agent such as Thorntons when buying a property?

“The knowledge the staff have on the area is immense as they are most likely to be local. This means your agent will be able to answer most of your questions in a real and authentic way, without having to use research or second-hand data to inform you. Answering your questions based on their own personal experience is really valuable when connecting with the client and fully understanding their needs.”

Thinking of retiring in St Andrews?

Our final remaining one and two-bedroom retirement apartments at The Walled Gardens start at £182,625.

If you’re interested in arranging a viewing, call our Sales Advisor Carol on 01334 460 644.

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To get in touch outwith the Marketing Suite’s opening hours please contact Thorntons, Bell Street, St Andrews on 01334 474200.