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Peace of mind at The Walled Gardens: BR24 and Owner Services

Retirement apartments at The Walled Gardens seamlessly blend traditional architecture with modern, energy efficient interiors to make day to day living easy, safe and comfortable.

Security is at the heart of The Walled Gardens’ offering, with buyers benefiting from a range of features designed to support independent living while giving owners additional safety assurance.

We caught up David MacInnes, Head of Owner services at Bield, to find out more about the innovative ways in which the owners at The Walled Gardens are supported. 

Bield Response24

Bield Response24 or otherwise known as BR24, is Bield’s own emergency response unit available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. BR24 currently provides a range of services to more than 15,000 people in Scotland, allowing individuals to live as independently as possible.

Utilising advanced Jontek technology, the current features include:

  • Personal alarm units
  • Daily contact service / Sure call
  • Out of hours repairs on communal areas
  • Secure door access service

Offered to all buyers at The Walled Gardens, BR24 is free of charge and the package can be tailored to the individual, should their needs change in the future.

David MacInnes said: “We encourage all of those who live in The Walled Gardens to take advantage of this service even if it’s just as a comfort measure.

“The feedback we receive on it is amazing. People who were previously sceptical about BR24 realise how valuable it can be when they least expect it.”

Operated by a pendant which can be worn around the neck, on the wrist or clipped to a belt, individuals can alert BR24 of an emergency by pressing the button on the device. It allows for an immediate reaction to an incident and gives residents and their families reassurance on their safety and wellbeing.

The emergency line is used for falls and incidents within the flat, however, the service also provides a direct line for reporting other out of hours emergencies such as repairs on communal areas.

David added: “If an individual falls and presses the emergency button, the unit will be in instant contact with them. It will enable BR24 to send an ambulance straight to the apartment and provide the entry code to the building to speed up the process. 

 “The BR24 department is open all year round, even on public holidays and Christmas. It’s a very supportive measure and it’s reassuring for owners to know that help is always on hand.

“There is no extra cost for the service and it’s optional, which means the appliances can be installed after the person has moved in.

“In a nutshell, BR24 provides residents with an extra layer of security and a peace of mind.”

David MacInnes
David MacInnes

Owner Services

Owners Services is the name of the team who look after the Factoring Service for owners who live at The Walled Gardens. This means that there is a whole team of people who look after issues affecting communal areas and landscaping of the property.

David said: “It’s our job to make sure that buyers at The Walled Gardens don't have to worry about maintaining the grounds or carrying out repairs to the building.

 “Our Owner Services team allow the customer to flag up issues and make decisions on the repairs needed, which we can then carry out on their behalf. There are also regular visits carried out by Shona Rintoul, the Owner Services Officer and Tom Sewell, the Property Officer."

Thinking of retiring in St Andrews?

BR24 and Owner Services help the buyers at The Walled Gardens to live independently, in homes full of life.

Our stunning one and two-bedroom retirement apartments at The Walled Gardens are available to view.

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