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Daily Dose of Vitamin Sea

Voted the best seaside destination in Scotland, The Walled Gardens in St Andrews offers buyers more than great views but a health kick too!

The Walled Gardens is ideally placed to make the most of life in one of Europe’s most beautiful towns. Whatever your hobbies or interests, it’s full of endless possibilities and is easy to keep active with idyllic, unspoiled beaches and coastal line.

Research suggests living by the sea can help improve sleep, improve mental health and boost your immune system.

Not convinced? Keep on reading to see why coastal living is feel-good living!

Better Sleep

Ever wondered why you feel less tired and more relaxed after a trip to the coast? The sea air is cleaner and fresher than urban air, with less pollution and higher levels of oxygen so living by the coast can help guarantee a good night’s sleep!

Healing Salt Water

Keen swimmers will also benefit when they dip into the North Sea. Floating or swimming in the sea has shown to help pump blood from our lower limbs to the abdominal region, bringing more oxygen to the brain making us more alert and active.

The seaside water has also shown to have significant benefits to the skin, treating skin disorders like eczemapsoriasis and acne.

Good for your mental health

It has been found that living closer to the coast can reduce the mental stress you feel. Research suggests living by the sea is more calming than towns, cities and green spaces because it provides a sense of openness and fresh air away from crowds and pollution.

A study published in 2019 assessed 26,000 people and found that those that live less than 1km from the sea are less likely to have mental health symptoms compared to those living 50km away. This is in part due to a rise in dopamine levels or ‘feel good’ hormones which occur when people look at or enjoy the sea.

The increased sense of relaxation and happiness not only makes you feel good but has shown to strengthen your immune system, making it easier to fight off illnesses. 

Healthy Seaside Effects

Even if you don’t want to go for a swim, just being around the sea can supply you with your daily dose of vitamin D and give you that feel-good factor to take back home. Whether that be popping to the local chippy or having a stroll along the beach, we know how good a trip to the seaside makes us feel - imagine how amazing it will be to have that every day.


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