Tenant engagement and participation

Bield Housing and Care offer housing and services for older people across Scotland.

We want a Scotland where people of all ages are respected,can make their own choices,and lead independent and fulfilling lives.We do this by ensuring a diverse range of housing, care and other service options tailored to the needs of our client group.

We believe that positive customer involvement and influence will help us to deliver

  • Better services and improve outcomes for tenants which give value for money
  • Work together for common goals with respect and understanding
  • Build skills and confidence to influence decisionsIncreasetenant satisfaction with their home and neighbourhood Identify actions for service and performance improvements
  • Meet our regulatory and legislative requirements relating to tenant participation

Involving customers will ensure that we deliver our Business Plan with the three strategic outcomes

  • Our customers can live independently in their home as their needs change
  • Our customers feel we offer value for money
  • The quality of our homes and services meet expectations

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Tenant Engagement and Participation

Bield Communications Champions

Bield hexagons above speech bubbles with Bield Communication Champions

The Bield Communication Champions is an independent group run by tenants and supported by Bield.

They work together to influence and review communications between Bield and their customers...

Bield Improvement Group

People in a circle with the word BIG in the middle

The Bield Improvement Group is an independent group run by tenants and supported by Bield. They decide as a group which area of Bield’s performance they would like to review, for instance,...

Bield Equality Network

Group of people with arms raised

The Bield Tenant Equality Network is group of tenants who work with officers at Bield to improve the awareness and understanding of the needs of people with protected characteristics and improve...

Compliment and Complaint Review Collective

The Bield Compliment and Complaint Review Collective (CCRC) is a group of tenants who work with officers at Bield Housing and Care to look at compliments and complaints made to Bield Housing and...

Bield RTOs

For many people joining a tenants and residents group provides support and encourages them to have their say. As a member of a group you will work together with your neighbours to influence...

Partnership Forum

The Bield Partnership Forum is an independent group run by tenants and supported by Bield. The purpose of the Partnership Forum is to provide a national group within which tenant participation...

Interested Parties List

The Bield Interested Parties list is a register of tenants who we share information directly with about consultations and to ask for their views. When people on the list are contacted, it is...